5:15 min
Featuring Lynne O'Sullivan, DVM, DVSc, Dipl. ACVIM (Cardiology)
What inspired Dr. Lynne O’Sullivan to specialize in cardiology and what aspects of her profession does she find most fulfilling? Watch this exclusive video for answers to these questions, and to hear some highlights of Dr. O’Sullivan's career.
4:50 min
Featuring Josée Marcoux, DVM, Dipl. AVDC, IPSAV, DES (dental care)
What inspired Dr. Josée Marcoux to specialize in dentistry and what does she love most about being a dental specialist? Watch this exclusive video for answers to these questions, and to find out what Dr. Marcoux finds most challenging in her work.
3:55 min
Content presented by Joel Neuheimer, CEO, Canadian Veterinary Medical Association
Watch this video featuring the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association’s new CEO, Mr. Joel Neuheimer, as he discusses his priorities for the coming year. He also explains how he will apply his skills to increase the association's visibility and advocate for veterinarians across the country.
5:17 min
Content presented by Marco Bregliano, DVM, Dipl. ACT
Watch this video featuring Marco Bregliano, DVM, Dipl. ACT, who explains why veterinary teams should rethink when to spray/neuter certain breeds. Based on recent findings, he discusses oncologic, orthopedic, and behavioural factors to take into consideration. He shares spraying/neutering recommendations based on sex, breed, and species. He also describes an alternative available for pets with behaviour issues.
04:24 min
Content presented by Lianna Titcombe, BScH, DVM, CHPV, International Instructor, CAETA
Watch this video featuring Lianna Titcombe, BScH, DVM, CHPV, who talked about euthanasia during this year’s convention. She provides insight on how veterinary teams and pet owners can collaborate to make the best decision for the animal based on its condition and offers helpful tips for a calm and peaceful euthanasia process.
04:06 min
Content presented by Senani Ratnayake, BSc, RVT, Director of Learning and Engagement at Vet Alliance/Globalvet
Watch this video featuring Senani Ratnayake, BSc, RVT, Director of Learning and Engagement at Vet Alliance/Globalvet where she talks about her presentations: ‘Not just an RVT’ and ‘Leading from the floor.’ The first puts emphasis on how important it is for RVTs to acknowledge their value within a team, while the second provides advice on cultivating personal leadership skills and fostering them in fellow professionals.
4:43 min
Content presented by Brenda Bonnett, BSc, DVM, PhD
Watch this video as Brenda Bonnett, BSc, DVM, PhD, discusses extreme conformations in dogs and the impact of this practice on dogs, dog owners, and veterinary professionals. She also talks about how veterinarians can speak up for the welfare of these animals going forward as well as other solutions to consider for future generations.
04:19 min
Content presented by Trevor Lawson, DVM
Watch this video as Trevor Lawson, DVM, talks about his new role as CVMA President and his goals for the year. Dr. Lawson wanted all veterinary professionals in Canada to know about Togetherall, a powerful mental health support resource available 24/7 at no cost, anytime and anywhere they have internet connection.
05:44 min
Content presented by Serge Chalhoub, BSc, DVM, Dipl. ACVIM (SAIM) | Søren Boysen, DVM, Dipl. ACVECC
Watch this video as Serge Chalhoub, BSc, DVM, Dipl. ACVIM (SAIM) and Søren Boysen, DVM, Dipl. ACVECC discuss the practical use of point-of-care ultrasound in everyday practice as a tool applicable to all species, all animals, and all situations.